Prep that vanity and pull out those makeup brushes because there’s some gorgeous makeup trends to try from the Spring/Summer 2019 shows.

It seemed makeup artists in New York, London, Milan and Paris were on a mission to completely cure us of our fear of colour. We saw the typical cheery shades associated with the season, but they were taken to neon saturation levels. The colour was swiped boldly and sometimes haphazardly for a fun, fearless approach. Electric colours of all shades were popular, but turquoise, orange, cobalt blue and pink were favourites.

Sunset tones may not have the white-hot intensity of neon’s, but they were another runway hit. Faded pinks, yellows and oranges played into the season’s weather and gave a flattering Instagram filter effect. Classic red lips popped up a handful of times and proved that even a timeless lipstick look can be head-turning when applied in a full-coverage formula.

If all the talk of bold tones is making you dizzy, there were some softer looks too. A natural makeup look featuring dewy, facial-fresh skin and glossy makeup showed up again and again and again. It proved that the glass skin craze is more than a flash-in-the-pan trend. Finally, a handful of shows had hidden gem makeup looks. Makeup artists used the smallest dabs and ticks of colour for a surprise treat.

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  1. Clean & Glowing Skin

At this point its old news that runway makeup artists are not big fans of foundation. Instead, for the spring 2019 makeup trends, superstar artists like Pat McGrath, Val Garland, and Lisa Eldridge kept skin foundation-free, opting to use just a touch of concealer or some blurring primer only on the spots where it was truly necessary.

Forget matte, the spring/summer 2019 beauty trends are all about glowing skin, shining healthfully with a natural gleam. This season cheekbones and foreheads were highlighted softly, but not with powder highlighters. Makeup artists preferred a touch of liquid or cream luminiser to give a more natural sheen.

If you tend to sweat and hate the feel of foundation sliding down your face, then I am sure you are going to enjoy this light and breezy way of making up your complexion. Each one of these makeup artists made sure to cite the importance of a great skincare routine when questioned backstage, so if you’re a fan make sure not to neglect yours!

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  1. Pretty in Pink

Blush and eyeshadow and lips, oh my! Pink was favoured as part of the spring/summer 2019 makeup trends, specifically in monochrome looks where pink powder was used on both eyelids and cheekbones, while a matching rose tint graced the lips. It paired well with the princess dresses, florals, tiaras, and tulle that we saw all over the runways.

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  1. Groomed & Colourful Brows

Clean is the first word that comes to mind when we think of the way makeup artists shaped and styled eyebrows for the spring/summer 2019 beauty trends. With the use of just the tiniest amount of eyebrow powder and a helping dose of clear mascara, brows were softly perfected without an Instagram brow in sight!

Well-groomed brows brushed upwards and feathery eyelashes were part of a soft, natural makeup look. Eyebrows were also brushed upwards, and touched up with a hint of brow powder, as part of ultra-clean makeup looks.

There are always a few collections that are just out there enough to inspire makeup artists to go rogue and break conventions. Fun and bright colours were the perfect way to do that, with colourful eyebrows showing up on two separate runways and becoming one of the more avant-garde spring 2019 makeup trends.

Most models wore a clean, no-makeup makeup look with a few who had their eyebrows painted, who certainly stood out. In most instances of this trend, one brow was painted blue while the other was marked with a spot of white or painted fully white.

We also saw red, yellow, and green eyebrows on a few of the models, where a spot of colour on brows, lips, or eyes was the point of interest on each makeup look.

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  1. Pastel Eyeshadow

Pastels stand out as part of the colourful spring/summer 2019 makeup trends, particularly because they convey a softer and more feminine approach to colour.

Everything was ultra-feminine. We saw shades like pink, baby blue and pastel green pulled all the way up to the eyebrows, with liquid liner (but no mascara!) occasionally also added to bring out the eyes.

It was a matching with eyeshadows in pastel peach, blue, and yellow paired with outfits in similar shades. Certain eye makeup looks drew a lot of attention, as pastel eyeshadows were only applied in the inner corner of the eye, instead of all over the lid.

  1. No Mascara

When taken to the extreme, the no-makeup makeup trend also means no mascara. Sending models out in bare lashes keeps them looking youthful, especially if they have light hair and eyelashes. Occasionally we saw makeup artists skip the mascara, but still load lips up with lipstick for just a touch of colour.

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  1. Powerful Red Lips

Even with all the soft, barely there makeup looks, red lips will never go out of style, so hang on to your Ruby Woo and Russian Red tubes. For the spring/summer 2019 makeup trends, we saw the return of the gloss to fierce red lips, although matte red lipsticks haven’t fully disappeared yet either. This year, red lips were sometimes worn alone, but more often, they were paired with a hint of eye makeup perfect for a full evening look.

Glossy red lips were on the darker side and paired with chiselled cheekbones and a touch of brown eyeshadow, for the perfect evening look. A similarly dark and glossy red lip was paired with darker eyes and voluminous bangs, in a gloomy Snow White-inspired look.

This year red lips had a velvety semi-matte tint, with the red itself a neutral true-red.

While the overall vibe in the spring/summer 2019 makeup trends was gentle and restrained, the exception was a wild and artistic use of colour, with little regard to clean lines or sophisticated beauty techniques. We saw runways overwhelmed with femininity, which bore itself out in the spring/summer 2019 makeup trends primarily in the form of pastels and glitter. This is a season for celebration, and the spring/summer 2019 beauty trends certainly reflect that.